250+ Images For The Window Treatment Industry

250+ beautiful images for the fitted blinds, curtains and shutters industry for just $49.99!

After 15 years marketing Blinds, Curtains and Shutters, I can honestly say that one of the toughest aspects of the job is finding a regular supply of staged images of window treatment products.

We’ve all tried to take them in the customer home and we all know how they look when compared to professionally composed images.

Just $49.99

We have collated over 250 beautiful staged Images for the Window Treatment Industry

High Quality Blinds, Shutters & Curtain images are very hard to come by and they are a necessity in today digital world.

They are an absolute ‘must’ for website creation, blog posts, articles, customer emails, facebook & Instagram Feeds, Pinterest Pins, Short format video creatives such as Tik-Tok, Youtube, Facebook and Insta. You need hundreds of them… and a regular flow of good ‘comercial use’ images is almost impossible to find… Until Now!

Rooms Included

Great images sell windows treatments. Customers need high quality images to help them make imformed buying decisions!


A personal haven of tranquility and dreams, where design meets relaxation to create the ultimate space for rest and reflection.


The heart of the home, where stories unfold, memories are made, and design harmoniously intertwines with everyday life.

Living Spaces

The heart of the home, where stories unfold, memories are made, and design harmoniously intertwines with everyday life.


More than a necessity, they're sanctuaries of rejuvenation, blending form and function to offer both comfort and aesthetic delight.

Dining Rooms

Where culinary delights meet intimate conversations, setting the stage for shared memories over beautifully set tables.

Home Office

Personalized workspaces that inspire productivity and creativity, merging professional needs with the comforts of home.

Types of Blinds

Roller Blinds

Exceptional images of roller blinds help convey their style and purpose, making it easier for customers to visualize and choose the perfect window treatment for their space, ultimately boosting sales.

Vertical Blinds

Outstanding images of vertical blinds effectively communicate their style and functionality, simplifying the decision-making process for customers as they envision the ideal window treatment for their space.

Roman Blinds

High-quality images of Roman blinds effectively showcase their elegance and adaptability, making it easier for customers to visualize the perfect window treatment, helping to boost sales.

Venetian Blinds

Beautiful images of Venetian blinds effectively showcase their style and versatility, helping customers to envison the ideal window solution for their space, ultimately increasing sales.

Sell More Product With Great Aesthetics

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